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Boxers of all time Fans rank 12 ‘most dangerous’ boxers of all time – Mike Tyson fourth

The Top Tens has released a fan-voted list of their most dangerous boxers of all time, and it takes a different approach than the usual skill-based approach.

Mike Tyson

The list contains 12 boxers and it’s pretty damn stacked, so let’s check it out!

At 12 Floyd Mayweather

. “Money” Mayweather boxed for over a decade and finished with a perfect record of 50-0. Probably not taller as he was often considered a defensive but intelligent boxer. Unlike others on the roster, he preferred winning over the victory flares displayed by boxers ranked above him.

At 11 is ‘Hammer of Thor’

Ingemar Johansson. Johansson, famous for his third-round stoppage of Floyd Patterson at New York’s Yankee Stadium, became only the fifth heavyweight champion outside the United States.

Edwin Valero is the tenth,

perhaps the greatest what-if in boxing history. Valero fought 27 times and won 27 times by knockout. Valero was known for his aggressive boxing style and is arguably the most dangerous boxer.

Roberto Duran is ninth on the list. Duran’s credentials don’t need a lot of talks to rank this high, but when asked if he’s knocked out a horse, he confirmed it was true, so there you have it. Duran also has 70 professional knockouts to his credit, adding to his impressive resume.

Seventh is “The Hawk” by Julian Jackson.

A two-weight champion, what made Hawk so dangerous was his convincing punching power with both hands. To back it up, he had an insane 49 KO wins in 55 fights.

At number six on the list is “Hitman” Thomas Hearns. What made Hearns so dangerous was the fact that he climbed all five weight classes because of how powerful a puncher he was.

Who are the 5 most dangerous boxers of all time?

At five is the iconic Sonny Liston. Big Bear was once the greatest boxer in all of boxing, so he deserves to be ranked this high.

Fourth on the list is ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. 

The youngest ever heavyweight champion, the one who stands above all other modern boxing greats. He was described as having ‘fists made of iron’.

At three is Earnie Shavers. Shaver’s fought in the golden age of boxing in the 1970s and 1980s and was the most feared puncher of his generation.

At two, half of the greatest match of all time is George Foreman. The two-time world champion boasts an incredible 84% knockout record and was arguably the previous consensus toughest boxer of all time.

At the top Boxers of all time

At the head of the ranking is the modern great Deontay Wilder. His trilogy opponent Tyson Fury has described him as ‘the hardest puncher in the history of boxing.’ Wilder has been labeled a one-trick pony due to a potential lack of overall skill, however, his ferocious right hand is simply devastating.

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