FIFA President Gianni Infantino

FIFA President Gianni Infantino Makes Bold and Bizarre World Cup Statement Ahead of England Vs France

FIFA President Gianni Infantino

The World Cup is the first of three mini-breaks in the tournament.

The last 16 matches played on Tuesday, leaving two days without football before the quarter-finals begin on Friday.The quarter-final line-up was completed as Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1 to set up a last eight match with Morocco. Elsewhere, England take on France, Brazil take on Croatia and the Netherlands take on Argentina.For all the pre-tournament fears and consternation about human rights in Qatar and LGBTQ+ issues, what happened on the pitch was a lot of fun.

Germany were knocked out in the group stage, Argentina went through despite losing their first game to Saudi Arabia, while Japan dominated a group that included both Germany and Spain. The Spanish then lost to Morocco in the last 16.The World Cup certainly lived up to expectations on the field, even if there is still anger and unrest over the venue.

FIFA president Gianni Infaation make headline

FIFA president Gianni Infantino made headlines even before he was kicked in the balls with an hour-long monologue about the tournament, backing it to be held in Qatar. In it he said: “What we Europeans have been doing all over the world for the last 3,000 years, we should be apologising for the next 3,000 years before we start giving people moral lessons.

“Today I feel like a Qatari. I feel like an Arab. Today I feel like an African. Today I also feel like a gay. Today I feel disabled. I feel (like) a migrant worker. Of course I’m not a Qatari, I’m not an Arab, I’m not an African, I’m not gay, I’m not disabled. But I feel for it because I know what it means to be discriminated against, to be bullied as a foreigner in a foreign land.”

FIFA President Infantino commented on the tournament

Now we’re on a short break. Comments that are bold and, in a sense, also a little bizarre.

Speaking to, he said: “I’ve actually seen all the games and to put it very simply and very clearly, this has been the best FIFA World Cup group stage ever. So it’s very promising for the rest of the tournament.” FIFA World Cup.”

Calling it the best World Cup group stage ever is a bold claim given everything that has happened in history. Although saying he saw all the games is a bit bizarre given that the last group games were played at the same time and he could only be at one of them. Of course, he could have watched the other matches or seen the highlights later, and that could be what he’s talking about.

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