When it comes to making subsequent changes, the Global Home PGA Tour has a lot in common with the Vatican,

two closed empires used to move at the sleepy pace of papal encyclicals rather than the immediacy expected in the modern world. It's been 39 days since the Tour's top authority,

Jay Monahan, issued his bulletin -- let's call it Electi premium ("Chosen Price") -- outlining a vision for securing the loyalty of the world's best golfers,

the details of which he said would be revealed. in 45 to 60 days. That's a breakneck pace for the prelates of the Ponte Vedra Curia charged with carrying out the details,

The easiest part involves the money: the Player Impact Program doubling to $100 million, a $500,000 guarantee for all rookies,

and a modest stipend so the cut girls can cover expenses. More problematic is the radical overhaul of the product that Monahan has promised,

Some of the anointed have been announced – the three FedEx Cup playoff tournaments, the existing invitationals (Memorial, Arnold Palmer, and Genesis), the WGC Match Play,

Elevating tournaments only formalize the existence of a second division, as it has always been the case that certain events attract better fields.