The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies had a confusing challenge in their Christmas game

The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzles had a very unique sequence in the third quarter of Sunday's Christmas Day game.

The Warriors decided to intentionally foul Steven Adams to get him to shoot free throws, but the deciding team called a foul, giving Memphis one free throw and possession.

The take-foul rule was introduced to the NBA this season and has been very inconsistently enforced. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant weighed in shortly after the ruling,

When implemented, this foul was intended to reduce the number of times a defense would intentionally stop fast breaks by "taking" the foul before a transition opportunity could begin.

It was mostly successful in discouraging such fouls, but this particular instance was not an attempt to stop the fast break.

Confusion ensued from there, and Kevin Durant shared it. The intentional foul the Warriors called against Adams also has its own rules,

Golden State eventually abandoned the strategy and reverted to standard defense. Whether it was because of officiating or Adams starting to knock down some free throws,