Football World Reacts To Friday's Lee Corso Health News The football world received some great news this week when the media announced

that Lee Corso was ahead of College GameDay's show in Knoxville. Corso, 87, has missed the past two weeks with an unspecified illness.

"It’s great to have Coach Lee Corso back with the College GameDay crew this weekend in Knoxville.

From Friday morning’s production meeting, gearing up for show prep with coordinating producer drewgallagher,"  said in a statement.

Football fans are glad to see Corso, who has been battling health issues, is back for Saturday's show.

"The King has returned. Look for Lee Corso to return to the "College GameDay" pregame show this Saturday in Knoxville after a few weeks due to illness.

Welcome back Coach," sports media reporter Michael McCarthy said. "College football fans everywhere are happy to see this!" said another fan.

"Nice to see Coach Corso back at it. We’ve missed you Sunshine Scooter," said a third. It will be good to have Corso back on the set ahead of a massive showdown.