Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, smiled at a Halloween party over the weekend. But the NFL doesn't find his recent antics so funny.

Jones arrived dressed as a blind NFL referee, with dark sunglasses, a striped shirt, and a walking stick. His niece snapped the photo on social media and it went viral shortly after.

The joke was clearly on the referees, who are routinely criticized by owners, players, and fans for their questionable interventions on the pitch.

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The problem is that the NFL has rules when it comes to throwing shade at the men in black and white.

Nobody can comment regarding officiating, quality against individuals, missed calls, the league’s officiating department,

the officiating team, or individual game officials accusing the game officials of acting in a biased manner or in any way impinging the integrity of NFL game officials.

or post negative or derogatory/degrading content regarding the officiating on social media." Jerry Jones reacted to the controversy.