Tom Brady and LeBron James show they can handle the pickle. Not everyone is happy. With the decorated NFL quarterback joining basketball icon

LeBron James and other famous athletes as owners of Major League Pickleball teams on Wednesday, it's clear that America's fastest-growing sport is here to stay.

This is a great time for pickleball, and longtime players like me are celebrating. (I even wrote a book about the game's explosion in popularity).

But there are fans of another court sport who are greeting the news with far less enthusiasm: tennis players.

While most athletic establishments encourage competition between teams on the field, the addition of pickleball to the pro-league pantheon has fueled.

Famous for the annual Master's tennis tournament, Indian Wells is now also home to the National Pickleball Championship. And the Tennis Channel devotes a significant amount.

Due to the rapid rise of pickleball, many cities and towns, ill-equipped to handle the needs of players, are instead using resources previously allocated to tennis.

. In some areas, tennis fans scrambled to find places to play and found their long-held courts suddenly or temporarily, or permanently turned into pickled havens.