Who is Morena Beltran? The 24-year-old journalist and new president of the Kun Aguero women's soccer team

After the success of the King's League, Morena Beltran joins Kun Aguero's team. Read here to find out who the 24-year-old journalist is.

After the scandal over Shakira's new songs, the King's League only achieved an amazing record audience thanks to the presence of Gerard Pique alongside celebrities and former players

So in a major announcement for the King's League and its future, Morena Beltran has been named president of Sergio Kun Aguero's team in a new project called the Queens League.

Queens League is a new project that is created after the success of King's League. This would be a women's version of this tournament with the same format of bringing together former players and celebrities.

Each King's League team will have representation in the Queens League and will appoint new presidents.

Morena Beltran is the president-elect of Kunitas, the women's version of Kunisports in the Queens League She is an Argentine journalist, age 24, who gained notoriety in 2018 by delving into soccer matches.

Her influence on social media has made her a Puma ambassador and she will now be a huge star in the Queens League alongside other women.